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We’re slaying dragons, one day at a time!

PROGRESS – the kiosk that spooked Journey last week has been conquered! After he spooked the other night, we sat on the sidewalk in front of it, and I had him practice STEP UP on the little step in front of the kiosk. Every time he did, even if he was clearly afraid, I gave him lots of praise and yummy treats. We did that for about 15 minutes or so. Today we passed by that kiosk on the way to the bank, and instead of veering wide to avoid it, which is what he usually does, he ran right over (almost tipped me in the process) and plopped his feet up on that step and turned and looked at me like “Did I do good mom, huh huh? CHEESE??” – So proud ♥

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One Response to We’re slaying dragons, one day at a time!

  1. Dee April 27, 2012 at 10:59 pm #

    Journey is learning so quickly. And he’s so funny! lol

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