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This shit’s for the birds

I’m interrupting my 30 Days of Truth to talk about my health for a bit. Sorry. Boring stuff, I know.

Last week I had a blood draw. Monday I went to pick up the results. Turns out there is good news and bad news. The good news is, my meds seem to be helping some, as my TSH levels are now less than half of what they were on my pre-diagnosis labs. I still need it to go a bit lower so we’ve upped my dosage a bit to achieve that goal. The bad news is that my triglycerides have soared and are almost double what they were before. I’m too young to have cholesterol problems!! Now I’m drinking green tea, which is purported to help with triglycerides, but without sweetener or sugar it tastes like ass. I can’t get stevia here because it’s banned, which is fucking retarded but whatever.

And because I missed 2 days of meds due to running out before I could get a refill script… I gained SIX FUCKING POUNDS. SIX. I am now the highest weight I have ever been, and outweigh my dog, which is crazy. I’m pretty fucking depressed about it and have resorted to eating salads for every meal except breakfast. My doctor referred me to a nutritionist, but the initial consult is pricey and I’d have to take money out of my service dog fund to pay for it and I’m not willing to do that so….. salad it is.

Tomorrow I’m back to the regularly scheduled programming of 30 Days of Truth.

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I can’t imagine missing two days of meds caused the weight gain. :/ Do you like mint or any other herbal tea flavors? I ALWAYS mix my green tea with peppermint or chamomile for flavor. Otherwise I’m not fond of it myself. I”ll do a little searching through my bookmarks. I have some good nutrition sites. Much cheaper than a nutritionist :D

Oh gosh, I know next to nothing about losing weight and triglycerides. I do have ((hugs)) for you, though.

I bought some green tea with flavors – apple, lemon, orange, java and jasmine… but straight it’s ickkkkkk. I weigh in weekly so I have no idea where else it could have come from :(

Garlic & cinnamon are both excellent for chloresterol problems. Fish oil too.

Be careful with the salads. You don’t want to shock the system into thinking it’s starving. Eat your protien too. Boiled eggs, chick peas…. Stuff like that.

Try to stay positive. You only just got this diagnosis. There’s bound to be a learning curve.

Thanks Abby. It’s salad with chicken breast and cheese (albeit carefully measured portions) and to last night’s I added a boiled egg. Chickpeas are a good idea too, cheap and good source of protein. Can’t have fish oil (severely allergic to fish) so I’m getting Omega-3 from other sources.

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