Assistance Dogs Huzzah! Journey Training Journal

Failure Is Not An Option

As of today, I have shelved the possibility of Journey washing out. Every day he gets better and better and he wants so much to do a good job that I’m convinced all he needs is more time and practice. The butcher shop he refused to enter just 4 days ago – today he walked in like he owned the place. He’s stopping at every single curb without me reminding him and waiting for me to step up, it’s just second nature now. During our walk, I tossed my keys at a metal pole to gauge his reaction, he looked toward the noise, saw what it was and I swear he visibly shrugged like “whatever” and kept going. He’s making it clear to me that failure is not an option. We’re going to make a fantastic team. Now we just need to get him doing “under” and solid prolonged down-stays!


Assistance Dogs Journey Training Journal


Success! We had a very successful public access training session today. We opted for the smaller, quieter supermarket to build experience in and J was FABULOUS! I have to say, he seems much more confident in his Halti as well. He was calm and collected and undistracted and really, apart from a couple broken sits, he was perfect! 9/10 today for J-man!