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Quarterly Raw Food Order – March 2015



It’s time for me to change the format of our raw food order posts, because it’s no longer monthly or bimonthly and I need to accept that now, as hard as it is. From here out, until I have a second dog, it will be the Quarterly order.

Currently on hand, I have 5x 2kg chubs of assorted ground mixes (mostly because when my order comes in, I scramble the chubs and draw them out of the freezer at random so that I can ensure the most variety), 5 chicken leg quarters, and 1 pre-thawed meal (for today) in the fridge. All told, I have roughly 2.5 weeks worth of food on hand.

This quarter I am trying out a new provider, that has different blends from our usual source, and different case formats as well.

Order for this quarter consists of:

  • 1 case of chicken/veg blend – 12kg (26.5 lbs) – 33.50€ ($37.64/case)
  • 1 case of beef/chicken/veg blend – 12kg (26.5 lbs) – 36.50€ ($41/case)
  • 1 case of lamb/chicken/veg blend – 12kg (26.5 lbs) – 37.50€ ($42.13/case)
  • 1 small case of chunky beef/lamb/veg blend – 5kg (11 lbs) – 17.10€ ($19.21/case)
  • 1 bag of 5 whole beef trachea – 5.50€ ($6.18/bag)

All of the above came as a “value pack” and had a 5% discount applied, bringing the price from 131€ ($147.18) to 124.45€ ($139.89).

In addition to the above, I also ordered:

  • 1 small case of duck/fruit/trachea blend – 6kg (13.25 lbs) – 21.90€ ($24.61/case)
  • 7 bags of whole beef trachea (5 trachea per bag, total 35) – 33€ ($37)

I’m a little excited about this order, because Journey hasn’t had duck before. That’s why I only ordered a small case, in case he doesn’t like it or it doesn’t sit well with him. He should also enjoy the trachea, which are a fantastic source of glucosamine and chondroitin, and help scale teeth as well.

To this, I will be adding our regular standing order of free raw meaty bones, usually chicken carcasses, from our butcher, as well as fresh fish.

What’s in the mix?

70% chicken, 29% apples, turnips, carrots and alfalfa, 1% EVOO

50% chicken, 30% beef, 19% apples, turnips, carrots and alfalfa, 1% EVOO

60% lamb (heart, lung and trimmings), 20% chicken, 19% turnips, carrots and alfalfa, 1% EVOO

Chunky Beef/Lamb/veg: 
44% lamb (heart, lung and trimmings), 44% beef, 11% turnips, carrots and parsley, 1% EVOO

85% duck, 10% pineapple, 3% apple, 2% beef trachea

So that’s a grand total of 47kg (103.6 lbs) of meat mixes, all with bone and organ, so I don’t need to add anything there apart from the above mentioned carcasses and fish, plus 50 beef trachea which can be used as a small meal, or as a snack.

This order, plus what I have on hand, will end up lasting us around 4 months this time.

This supplier offers a 10% discount for all orders over 140€, so that plus the 5% on the value pack gives me a total savings of 24.49€. With shipping (6€), my grand total came to 167.51€ ($188.21). Spread over 4 months, that works out to a total cost per month: 41.88€ ($47.05). Cost per day: 1.40€ ($1.57)

Just for comparison’s sake, a 25-30 lb bag of super premium kibble costs 60-70€ ($67-78) and lasts Journey for one month. So I’m not only paying much less for his raw diet, I’m saving 20-30€ ($22-33) per month!

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