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Monthly Raw Food Order – December 2014

It’s time to place another order for my raw ground mixes. This time it was hard, because I’m only ordering for one dog instead of two.

On hand, I have 6 kgs of ground mixes (I believe there is a 2kg chub of 100% whole chicken, 2kg of lamb blend and 2kg of beef blend but since I tend to scramble up the chubs in the freezer to make for easy, no thinking required variety, I am not entirely sure what they are). Those will last 9 days for Journey alone.

Order for this month consists of:

  • 3 cases of 100% whole ground chicken (with bone and organ) – 18 kg (39.7 lbs) – 40.14€ (13.38€/case)
  • 2 cases of turkey blend (more details on what’s in that below) – 12 kg (26.5 lbs) – 40.50€ (20.25€/case)
  • 2 cases of puppy mix (more details on what’s in that below) – 12 kg (26.5 lbs) – 42.20€ (21.10€/case)
  • 1 case of lamb blend (more details on what’s in that below) – 6 kg (13.25 lbs) – 15.78€ (15.78€/case)

That’s a total of 48 kgs (106 lbs) of meat mixes, all with organ and bone, so I don’t need to buy organ meat, but I do add raw meaty bones because Journey does better with a bit more bone. I’ll be picking up some free lamb ribs, necks, chicken carcasses and other odds and ends in the free bones department from our local butcher. Next month in January I will also pick up some fresh fish.

Now for what is in those blends.

Turkey blend:
Turkey 60%, Lamb Tripe 20%, Zucchini 9.5%, Apple 9.499%, Garlic 0.001%, EVOO 1%

Puppy Mix:
Chicken 40%, Green Tripe 20%, Beef 15%, Salmon 5%, Chard 5%, Carrots 5%, Sardine 3.999%, Turnip 3%, Eggshell 1%, Spirulina 1%, EVOO 1%, Garlic 0.001%

Lamb blend:
Chicken 60%, Lamb 19%, Carrot 9.999%, Chard 5%, Turnip 5%, EVOO 1%, Garlic 0.001%

With tax (10%), my order came to 152.48€ (or $190). Spread over 3.5 months (in winter Journey eats a bit more than usual) and allowing for free RMBs, that works out to a total cost per month for this order: 43.56€ ($54.23). Cost per day: 1.45€ ($1.80)

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