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I do not have a bucket list. Which is incredibly cool, FYI. But I don’t have one, mostly because lists stress me. If there is a list then my OCD compels ne to do NOTHING besides get it done. Then my kids are hungry and probably dirty, my daughter’s fish doesn’t get fed, the dogs start looking at our cattle for food and I end up firing off commands to anyone within earshot. Yeah, if I have a list, pretty much everyone loses.

I will say that your list is a good read, but I have a question. How famous is a celebrity (number 13) and where abouts do you live? In case I *possibly* have the connections to help you out.

I’m not entirely sure how famous it has to be. I mean, if for example, I was photographed making out with The Bloggess, that would kill THREE things on the list all at once! Also with my ADD I tend to get all “Oooooh, shiny!” and add new stuff all the time so I think I may never actually complete the list.

I am currently living just north of HOTTER THAN HELL, also known as Spain. As in Europe, not “over there next to Peru”. Antonio Banderas lives less than half hour from me, and Julio Iglesias is in the next town over… I need to stalk them.

Wanna bet? I fly over once or twice a year for Pet Expos and so on – I bet I could squeeze a BlogHer in there. Karma would be thrilled – she loves to fly. More than I do. Fact.

i can’t believe you didn’t do that while you were here..

i likey your #24*wink-wink*.. & you’ll likey too, i promise ;-)

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