23 March 2005 – 17 November 2014

Karma, aka Omega’s Impressive Touch of India, AD-R, ADEu, CGC, TT, was a retired assistance dog extraordinaire, was born in Canada and came to live here in Spain.

She had a worldwide fan base and was highly sought after for photo ops, autographs and the like. In fact, in January 2011, she was voted Most Popular Dog on Facebook! She was raw fed, traveled the globe, and enjoyed midnight walkies.

She was the official Canine Executive Officer at NaturCanis, and was a wonderful ambassador for the Mastiff breed. She weighed around 195 lbs (90 kg), was fawn in color, and was spayed – so please no puppy requests, and sat patiently to have her nails dremeled and sometimes even painted.

She was constantly fending off the paparazzi and heard “Is that a dog or a horse?” more times than she could count.

Karma retired from active duty in March 2012, and her new very important job was making sure the sofa or floor didn’t run away from home. She had slowed down quite a bit in her old age, but was enjoying her retirement and the quiet life of a well loved pet dog.

She shared her home with 2 cats – Fluffy Bastard and Furby and her successor, a Bernese Mountain Dog named Journey.