Journey Training Journal

Journey’s Progress

Journey has been here a couple weeks now and is making a lot of progress so far. We’re still working on housetraining, but he’s reliable with pooping outside now, and is having less pee accidents inside. After the first few days here, he seemed a little cautious about some of the different sounds and smells here in the city versus in the country where he was born and raised until coming home. An example of this – for some reason, trash bags and dumpsters make him uneasy.

We are working on this daily by leaving full trash bags around the house with treats hidden on and under them, so that he will approach the bag to find the treats, and he’s no longer afraid of the bags – success! The dumpsters… we’re working on it. There are 800 smells coming out of those and he doesn’t quite understand it. So we changed our daily walk routine to include a trip around the dumpsters and we’ve been using them almost like weave poles, going in between and around each one, and he gets a treat for walking by and ignoring them.

Today we charged the clicker and started a mini training session, working only on watch me, sit, and down. We will do another session with the clicker when it’s dinnertime – a hungry puppy is an easily trained puppy!

Journey, 14 weeks


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