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Journey to the USA, Part Two

The day after our very long plane ride, followed by a very long layover, then a very long car ride (are you seeing a recurring theme here?), we got some much needed rest and once we woke up, we needed some sustenance for the day ahead. We headed to Bojangles. OMG y’all, I seriously missed that place. Not very many gluten free options for me to choose from, sadly, but my need for some hot, fresh biscuits outweighed the risk of painful gastric issues, so we dove in face first. I saved my copilot Journey a bit because, hell, he deserves to try all the deliciousness too, doesn’t he? Of course, I won’t feed him in a restaurant, so he got his outside at the car.

Journey at Bo's

After refuelling our bodies, we headed down to Mom’s and happily greeted our family that we hadn’t seen in a few years, since I was in between assistance dogs. My daughter decided to take Juju out to explore our new surroundings…


…and of course, if there is water, anywhere, he will find it. Even if he had just been groomed the day before. Especially if he had just been groomed the day before.




We tried to go back to the house. We really tried. But Juju found more water. And became a Bernergator.


Let me tell you, there is nothing more beautiful than a mountain dog in his element.


Or sillier than a mountain dog trying to play hide and seek. Hint: they fail. Epically.


More on our American adventures in the next installment!

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The most beautiful mountain dog ever ‘!!!! You are so good at letting him be a “dog”. I love that about you!! Great pictures. Just gorgeous Juju. Love that dog!!

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