Jour Deux

Today sucked. A lot. Thanks to another night of insomnia (this time no appreciable snoring on hubby’s part, and no drunk loudmouths, so it was just plain good old insomnia) I was dead tired all day. Barely managed to stay awake long enough to blog today. I’m not talking tired, I’m talking almost physically impossible to stay conscious, fighting against my own body to stay awake kind of thing. Exhaustion isn’t even the word for it. Sigh.

I did manage to meet my goal – stayed away from Coke today (although I’m now drinking TaB which is sugar-free and caffeine-free – is that bad?) but failed miserably at my fitness goal…wait… no… this morning I did make it to the lamppost and back so I did something at least.

I snarked at hubs a couple times, again, because I can barely keep my eyes open. I feel a little bad about that.

It’s pizza night – which I realize sounds bad, but pizza in Europe is not the greasy, fat-laden concoction it is in the US. Here we’re talking paper-thin wheat crust made fresh right before your eyes, fresh veggies and tomato sauce, excellent cheese and wholesome toppings. It’s even considered a staple in the Mediterranean diet. So yeah, I’m gonna get me some of that.

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Tab is caffeine-free? Knew it was sugar-free. Could be some caffeine withdrawal going on. You’ll feel better soon. :)

A few yrs back, I had to go without caffeine and it gave me headaches and insomnia. But it went away after the 3rd day, I think. Hang in!!

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