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I made it 3 days!

I made it 3 whole days without Coke! Still drinking TaB and it’s still not bad. I am however a bit perturbed that my youngest decided to drink half a can without permission, and since I buy only enough cans for lunch and dinner each day, so as to reduce tempation to sit and guzzle it all day and to force myself to drink more water, that left me without anything to drink at dinner, so looks like water with a twist of lemon for me…. joy.

Plenty of exercise today, between hitting the butcher shop, fresh market, and a couple other shops today and having to carry 14 kg (31 lbs) of stuff for several blocks, I think I’m set for the day :)

I do however have a splitting headache that I have been battling ALL DAY. I sure hope this goes away soon. I’m only somewhat tired and sluggish today, so that’s an improvement over the tremendous exhaustion that I have been dealing with.

My oldest is going on a school trip on Wednesday. She’ll be gone for 4 days to a nature reserve and is going to do hiking, mountain climbing, archery, swimming, scavenger hunts in the woods with only a hand drawn map and compass to guide her, rappelling, kayaking… sounds so good I want to go! She won’t be home until Saturday and I’ll miss her.

Oh and my vegetarian daughter asked for chicken Kiev today (that’s what we all had). She ate some. I know it’s totally her decision… and it’s a pain sometimes to have to cook separate meals and make sure my little veggie is getting all the nutrients her body requires… but I’m kinda sad nonetheless.

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My Nephew hasn’t had any soda at all for six days now. The first few days you could tell it was bothering him – headaches too – but now he seems OK with it. Yep, any withdrawal sucks!

It is worth it if you can get away from soda eventually. I still drink soda here and there, sure, but for the last 10 years it’s been nothing but fruit juice and water and it has helped keep weight stable, and I’ve avoided a number of other issues friends have run into (i.e. one actually turned diabetic before 30).

Congrats on your achievement! Keeping fingers crossed you can keep this up – it’s gotta be difficult.
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