Bizarre Journey Random Shit Training Journal

Sometimes… you just gotta facepalm…

God must love stupid people, he made so many of them. At the bank today: 

Stupid woman: What breed is your dog?
Me: Bernese Mountain Dog 
SW: Samoyed?
Me: No. Bernese.

10 mins later…
SW: What breed did you say he was again?
Me: Bernese.
SW: Samoyed?
Me: If that’s what floats your boat, sure.

And she was calling to him the entire time, read his vest out loud and said “Oh he’s an assistance dog, we’re not to distract him” and then kept calling to him! Her friend said “It’s not up to US if he’s distracted”. Then she asked me his name. I glared at her and said “I can’t tell you that, because then you will continue to try and distract him despite knowing that you shouldn’t because it could put me in danger.” J put his head on my leg and she says “Oh isn’t that cute – he’s protecting her from us!”

Eh, whatever, dipshit.

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