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Day 1

Last night I barely got any sleep at all. Hubby was snoring like a freakin’ freight train and then around 3:40am or so the damn discos underneath my house opened the doors, letting all the music pump into the streets and the drunks come out to play. I kid you not, these people were drunk-dancing in the street, talking ├╝ber-loud and pissing me off. We had to call the police TWICE to get them out here to deal with the noise… and get this: they drove by, didn’t even get out of the squad car and all they did was tell them to keep the noise down! These intoxicated bums then got into a car, started the engine and DROVE OFF – IN FRONT OF THE POLICE! Did they do anything about it? Nope! And people wonder why I have no interest in getting a driver’s license here. So I can get creamed by the idiots who drink and drive with the cops’ blessing? Um. No. Kthxbai.

Anyway, that means I slept this morning to make up for last night. Although I DID manage to stick to my fitness goal and did 10 minutes of stairs this morning!

And…. so far day 1 with no sugary soda is working. I switched my Coke for TaB – no sugar, no caffeine, no calories, but tastes like soda. It’s even better than Coke Zero! AND it doesn’t come in 2 liter bottles here, just 12oz cans, so I have to make a conscious decision to open the can vs just taking a swig from the bottle every time I stop by the fridge.

I made a delicious beef stroganoff for lunch today (Euro lunches are like American dinner – we eat the “big meal” around 2:30pm or so and a lighter meal in the evenings around 9:30 or so. The original recipe for the stroganoff had way too many fat grams, so I subbed in fat free sour cream, whole wheat pasta, lean ground beef and low-cal mushroom soup – all the taste of the original version and less than HALF the fat! And even hubby liked it!

I still need to read another chapter of Living Well With Hypothyroidism to meet my goals for today, but from what I read so far I find it interesting that frequent use of ketoconazole can lead to hypothyroidism as can prednisone and asthma drugs, and I take two of those on a regular basis, with the pred being a 3-4 times a year thing. I also learned that chronic yeast overgrowth or Candidiasis can trigger hypothyroidism and vice versa. Hopefully that means for me once my thyroid is under control, I won’t have chronic recurring yeastie beasties. Sorry if that was TMI but this IS a blog about my health, and my life, so there you go. Methinks hubby will be pleased if I manage to get rid of THAT particular problem.

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