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Two steps forward, one step…stuck.

Journey did a few reps of Under with me under the table, played with his Puzzle under the table, and did 5 reps of Under without me under the table and we stopped for the day. All on leash at this point and he needed super high value treats, but it’s something at least. Then he went on a training outing with me to the dietician. I adjusted his harness, I did have it on too tight, poor boy. Outing went really well, except that I seem to have hit a plateau with my diet, so we’re going back to phase one to get me back on track because I’m starting to lose motivation with the weight loss after being stuck for a while. Ugh.

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What’s going on at Camp Namaste

I apologize for the lack of updates lately. Things have been kinda insane here. I’ve been in pain for several months now and finally went to the doctor to have something done about it. I had assumed all this time that I had a hip bursitis but when I started randomly falling down (falls not related to drop attacks) I got concerned. Good thing – I don’t have a hip bursitis. What I do have is severe inflammation in my lower spine that is compressing the main nerve to my right leg. The nerve has been gradually getting pinched tighter and tighter. The doc ordered X-rays, and put me on what is basically a week of chemo drugs in an effort to reduce the inflammation as much as possible to relief some of the pressure before permanent nerve damage occurs, leaving me with a permanent limp or worse.

Despite all that, I have been sticking to my diet plan and have lost a total of 5kg so far (11 lbs) in a month, and am working hard to keep losing. Every week that the scale shows a loss, no matter how small, that’s a week I win against my body and my crappy dying thyroid. I was able to go shopping for a new outfit for a wedding I’m attending this Saturday – and buy a whole size smaller! YAY!

Karma is still enjoying her retirement. I am concerned that she seems a lot slower lately and has less energy. This spurred some preplanning thoughts and yesterday I sat down with Jen of By and By Memorials to hammer out the details for Karma’s final resting place since I know when the time comes, I will be in no position to make decisions about how I want her urn to look.

Journey and me
And last but certainly not least… Journey. This boy, since his neuter, is making progress by leaps and bounds. Every day he is making huge strides forward in his training and I’m confident that soon enough, he will be ready to start taking over Karma’s duties and we will have a beautiful partnership. I’m learning to trust that he can and will be able to take care of me, and that’s a great thing.
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This shit’s for the birds

I’m interrupting my 30 Days of Truth to talk about my health for a bit. Sorry. Boring stuff, I know.

Last week I had a blood draw. Monday I went to pick up the results. Turns out there is good news and bad news. The good news is, my meds seem to be helping some, as my TSH levels are now less than half of what they were on my pre-diagnosis labs. I still need it to go a bit lower so we’ve upped my dosage a bit to achieve that goal. The bad news is that my triglycerides have soared and are almost double what they were before. I’m too young to have cholesterol problems!! Now I’m drinking green tea, which is purported to help with triglycerides, but without sweetener or sugar it tastes like ass. I can’t get stevia here because it’s banned, which is fucking retarded but whatever.

And because I missed 2 days of meds due to running out before I could get a refill script… I gained SIX FUCKING POUNDS. SIX. I am now the highest weight I have ever been, and outweigh my dog, which is crazy. I’m pretty fucking depressed about it and have resorted to eating salads for every meal except breakfast. My doctor referred me to a nutritionist, but the initial consult is pricey and I’d have to take money out of my service dog fund to pay for it and I’m not willing to do that so….. salad it is.

Tomorrow I’m back to the regularly scheduled programming of 30 Days of Truth.