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And now I shall never be sporkless…

A week or so ago I randomly Googled “spork necklace” just because I’m too cheap to get one of those Carrie-style name necklaces, and I really don’t think I could rock that look anyway. To my amazement, I found something even more sporkalicious.

I am all about handmade, unique items and it doesn’t get more unique than this.

Spork Necklace

Oh fuck me running. Had to buy that. Just had to. So I did.

It arrived today. Even the packaging was sporkalicious. Definitely keeping the box.



We are talking serious fast shipping too – made it to Spain in a week!


I can die happy now, knowing I shall never be sporkless again.

Spork Necklace by marymaryhandmade on Etsy

and just for those of us living with chronic and/or invisible illness, a custom made Spoonie Necklace version! All I had to do was ask her and she graciously made one for us! Highly recommend!

(This is not a paid endorsement. This is me, gushing about something awesomesauce I found, purchased and love in real life.)

30 Days of Truth Random Shit

30 Days of Truth, Day 13 – Answer a randomly selected question from my readers

All three of my regular readers wrote in with questions so I’ve decided to be generous and answer you all! You’re welcome.

Outside of your family what 5 things are most important, top priority in your life?

Well, sporks obviously. Also world domination, copious amounts of mojitos, gluten-free cherry brownies, amassing ridiculous amounts of cash to stuff in my mattress, and having Journey sing at my funeral.

What are the biggest adjustments you’ve had to make to your outlook on things and how you live life since moving overseas?

Not driving is probably the biggest one. The streets are scary tiny here and people drive like maniacs. That and my license expired like 5 years ago so that makes it hard to, you know, drive. Also? 24 hour shopping, food (every time I go home I make a list of all the food I have to eat before I come back here… although… now that list has to be edited for gluten content) and realizing that punctuality is an abstract concept. As in, it doesn’t exist.

If you were faced with a moment that you didn’t have a spork…would you use your fingers or succumb to using a regular fork?

There would be a moment I didn’t have a spork? I carry one in my purse and another in my pocket if I go sans bag. In emergency cases, I put one in my service dog’s backpack. If I absolutely couldn’t get to one… whatever I could grab – pencil, fork, shiv, stick… pretty much anything can be fashioned into a makeshift weapon. Be creative and think outside the box.

30 Days of Truth Random Shit

30 Days of Truth – Ask me shit, maybe I’ll answer!

As stated when I began this crazy journey, there are a few times when the Truth question is one selected at random, asked by my readers (all 3 of you). So here’s your big chance. Ask me anything – anything – and maybe I’ll answer it. Monday is truth time, so you have until then to leave a comment with your question. Don’t be shy, it’s obvious by now that I’m not.

So go ahead, hit me with your best shot, ask me shit, and if you’re lucky, I’ll answer it. Maybe as a bonus, I’ll answer two!