Huzzah! Journey Karma Namaste Dogs

Return To The Reservoir

After Karma’s heart attack on Wednesday night, and her rapid decline on Thursday, we were bracing ourselves to have to say goodbye. The vet wanted to give some heart medication a try, so we agreed to give it a few days to see if it would help. At the very least we wanted a few more days, if possible, to try to tick off a few more boxes on Karma’s bucket list.

Today we took her to her most favourite spot in the world. She was so happy, it was like she was young and healthy again, and not battling cancer or heart failure. I am so glad we took her because at least for today, we forgot all our worries and troubles, and just enjoyed life together.

Since pictures are worth a thousand words…















Assistance Dogs Huzzah! Journey

A Fine Summer Day…

Today Journey had loads of fun, both working and off duty. Assistance dogs don’t only work helping their humans; they also get time off to enjoy being dogs.

This morning we had our last day of team class before summer break. We’ll miss our friends! After class, we headed back home and spotted several dogs taking a dip in the fountain on the road to the beach. Normally, this isn’t allowed but everyone was having so much fun, we decided to make a pit stop and join them. Journey’s packs came off and away he went!



After some refreshing laps in the fountain, we decided to walk down to the park for a bit to dry off. Journey got some tummy rubs – his favorite!


And made some new friends. This is Dalí (like the painter) and Lola.


They all played for an hour or so while I chatted with their owners. For some reason, my social anxiety does not extend to dog people, at least not after a few minutes to find my bearings. We now have a standing Saturday play date!


Journey ran, jumped, and played while Dalí decided he was the fun police and would fuss at Journey every time he jumped!


12 came back with some treats and Journey thought they smelled yummy and begged for some.


Then sadly, our play date had to come to an end. We headed up the street to a lovely Italian restaurant, Da Bruno San Pedro, for lunch.


Almost immediately, we were swarmed with people. People asking about his breed, wanting to take pictures, wanting to pat him… most of the folks respected that he was working and didn’t pat him but we decided today to allow pictures, so there will probably be some floating around the internet! Journey enjoyed the attention, since usually it’s Karma everyone obsesses over.

They were awesome to us in the restaurant. They seated us where we wanted, and enough out of the sun for Journey, and even brought him a bowl of water!


Journey was fantastic – went under my chair and stayed there the entire meal, didn’t mind folks walking by, taking pics, politely ignored them when they stopped and looked, didn’t budge when the waiters came by with our meal, cleared our table, brought the check. And our nemesis is ‘under’ so this is a huge achievement and I’m really proud.

We felt less like a disabled handler and her canine assistant today – today, we felt like superstars.



Assistance Dogs Huzzah! Journey Training Journal

Progress in leaps and bounds (or snoozes)!

I am so incredibly proud of Journey today. He went with me to an hour long meeting at 14’s school. He did stairs like a champ, laid down close to my chair during the whole meeting, even fell asleep for a bit and I was able to drop the leash. He only popped up twice – once when 14 walked really close by my chair, and once when a fly landed on his nose. All he did that time was sit up and make a disgusted face haha. He maintained his down while other parents came in and out and took seats, and was sociable when given permission after the meeting, and did the stairs going down like an ace. And he navigated crowds like a pro. I’m not worried at all about our trip to the UK next month. He’ll do great!