Random Shit Wellness

I made it 3 days!

I made it 3 whole days without Coke! Still drinking TaB and it’s still not bad. I am however a bit perturbed that my youngest decided to drink half a can without permission, and since I buy only enough cans for lunch and dinner each day, so as to reduce tempation to sit and guzzle it all day and to force myself to drink more water, that left me without anything to drink at dinner, so looks like water with a twist of lemon for me…. joy.

Plenty of exercise today, between hitting the butcher shop, fresh market, and a couple other shops today and having to carry 14 kg (31 lbs) of stuff for several blocks, I think I’m set for the day :)

I do however have a splitting headache that I have been battling ALL DAY. I sure hope this goes away soon. I’m only somewhat tired and sluggish today, so that’s an improvement over the tremendous exhaustion that I have been dealing with.

My oldest is going on a school trip on Wednesday. She’ll be gone for 4 days to a nature reserve and is going to do hiking, mountain climbing, archery, swimming, scavenger hunts in the woods with only a hand drawn map and compass to guide her, rappelling, kayaking… sounds so good I want to go! She won’t be home until Saturday and I’ll miss her.

Oh and my vegetarian daughter asked for chicken Kiev today (that’s what we all had). She ate some. I know it’s totally her decision… and it’s a pain sometimes to have to cook separate meals and make sure my little veggie is getting all the nutrients her body requires… but I’m kinda sad nonetheless.


Jour Deux

Today sucked. A lot. Thanks to another night of insomnia (this time no appreciable snoring on hubby’s part, and no drunk loudmouths, so it was just plain good old insomnia) I was dead tired all day. Barely managed to stay awake long enough to blog today. I’m not talking tired, I’m talking almost physically impossible to stay conscious, fighting against my own body to stay awake kind of thing. Exhaustion isn’t even the word for it. Sigh.

I did manage to meet my goal – stayed away from Coke today (although I’m now drinking TaB which is sugar-free and caffeine-free – is that bad?) but failed miserably at my fitness goal…wait… no… this morning I did make it to the lamppost and back so I did something at least.

I snarked at hubs a couple times, again, because I can barely keep my eyes open. I feel a little bad about that.

It’s pizza night – which I realize sounds bad, but pizza in Europe is not the greasy, fat-laden concoction it is in the US. Here we’re talking paper-thin wheat crust made fresh right before your eyes, fresh veggies and tomato sauce, excellent cheese and wholesome toppings. It’s even considered a staple in the Mediterranean diet. So yeah, I’m gonna get me some of that.

Getting my groove back Wellness

Day 1

Last night I barely got any sleep at all. Hubby was snoring like a freakin’ freight train and then around 3:40am or so the damn discos underneath my house opened the doors, letting all the music pump into the streets and the drunks come out to play. I kid you not, these people were drunk-dancing in the street, talking ├╝ber-loud and pissing me off. We had to call the police TWICE to get them out here to deal with the noise… and get this: they drove by, didn’t even get out of the squad car and all they did was tell them to keep the noise down! These intoxicated bums then got into a car, started the engine and DROVE OFF – IN FRONT OF THE POLICE! Did they do anything about it? Nope! And people wonder why I have no interest in getting a driver’s license here. So I can get creamed by the idiots who drink and drive with the cops’ blessing? Um. No. Kthxbai.

Anyway, that means I slept this morning to make up for last night. Although I DID manage to stick to my fitness goal and did 10 minutes of stairs this morning!

And…. so far day 1 with no sugary soda is working. I switched my Coke for TaB – no sugar, no caffeine, no calories, but tastes like soda. It’s even better than Coke Zero! AND it doesn’t come in 2 liter bottles here, just 12oz cans, so I have to make a conscious decision to open the can vs just taking a swig from the bottle every time I stop by the fridge.

I made a delicious beef stroganoff for lunch today (Euro lunches are like American dinner – we eat the “big meal” around 2:30pm or so and a lighter meal in the evenings around 9:30 or so. The original recipe for the stroganoff had way too many fat grams, so I subbed in fat free sour cream, whole wheat pasta, lean ground beef and low-cal mushroom soup – all the taste of the original version and less than HALF the fat! And even hubby liked it!

I still need to read another chapter of Living Well With Hypothyroidism to meet my goals for today, but from what I read so far I find it interesting that frequent use of ketoconazole can lead to hypothyroidism as can prednisone and asthma drugs, and I take two of those on a regular basis, with the pred being a 3-4 times a year thing. I also learned that chronic yeast overgrowth or Candidiasis can trigger hypothyroidism and vice versa. Hopefully that means for me once my thyroid is under control, I won’t have chronic recurring yeastie beasties. Sorry if that was TMI but this IS a blog about my health, and my life, so there you go. Methinks hubby will be pleased if I manage to get rid of THAT particular problem.