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Karma’s Leash Leaves CA and Heads To Texas!

Karma’s Traveling Leash is heading off to Texas now to meet up with Mel and her service dog Mia, and Mia’s sister Zoe. Before sending it on its way, Greta had these parting words:

Macy Gray and I have had the honor this week to use and care for Karma’s leash. Every walk we took was with great reflection on her life and on her dedication to Dana and her family. My dog “helps” me get through my day but Karma made it possible for Dana to get through her day. My hat goes off to every working dog anywhere and to all the owners who work hard on training them; loving them; and knowing when to let them retire… Dana you are one of the best. I have so enjoyed watching your relationship with Karma and Journey and I’m grateful that you are so willing to share your lives and teach us a thing or two on how to do it right. You rock Dana!! I know Karma whole heartedly agrees with me!!

Thank you so much, Greta and Macy Gray, for adding your love to Karma’s leash and helping us with our project!